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Pandemic Perspective - Growth Through Collective Pain

We have read so much about pain, suffering, loss and grief around us in these times. But how have we really changed as humans?

Today's post is about growing through collective pain.

On a recent catch up call with my friends, I realized that everyone is going through a dark phase, but at the same time, we all have hope that these times are not going to be permanent. All of us are trying to become kinder, and are dispelling the hatred we tend to have in us as humans. We are reaching out to people we might not even know, just to build a connection, feel the closeness instead of building the ego. We are developing a new understanding of ourselves, things we wouldn't have known without the lockdown. We are learning how to relate to others with a better understanding of how we really want to live the rest of our lives. This period is allowing us to get off that racetrack of life, just for a minute, pause, reflect, and get back at our own pace.

When we move on to the next phase of what life has to offer, I hope we continue to grow post the trauma, continue the new appreciation for life, continue to help others because isn't there a reason why we survived?


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