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Behind the Curtain

"[Psychotherapists] hold no brief for the greatness of their hearts—they are among the least of those who work beyond themselves—but to some extent they lessen the man-made misery of man. They stand by. Hatred they endure, and do not turn away. Love comes their way, and they are not seduced. They are the listeners, but they listen with unwavering intent, and their silence is not cold."

—Allen Wheelis

So beautifully said. For every time we forget why we are doing what we are doing.

"The practice of taking oneself seriously and listening to oneself respectfully is often a new accomplishment for individuals adapting to the role of client, an experience for which they may need considerable support. Helping individuals to embrace the goal of the examined life may take considerable tact, patience, and technical flexibility. Psychotherapy is a conversation, a back-and-forth collaboration in which listening and talking alternate on both sides of the therapeutic partnership."


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