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Adult Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

Counseling focuses on individuals who require day to day help involving factors such as stress or work place difficulties and are otherwise able to function well in other areas of life. Psychotherapy focuses on individuals with clinical difficulties such as anxiety, depression, OCD and require the management of the same. This management is based on an evidence approach that is scientific in nature.

Couples Counseling & Psychotherapy

Couples can be in various relationships such as dating, engaged or married- can seek counseling/ psychotherapy based on the difficulties they are facing. This could include difficulties in managing time, communication gaps, difficulties in understanding one another, constant arguing or conflicts, problems faced due to extended families, difficulties with physical intimacy- among others. This form of therapy might first focus on speaking to individual partners and then bringing together the couple in the sessions. 

How It Works

 Drop a Whatsapp message on +91-9953939360 between 10am to 8pm (Monday-Saturday) to book a session.

Set a mutually decided time, date and online platform (Zoom/Skype/Google Meet). A consent form will be shared with you for further details.

For offline sessions, please specify the same and details regarding address will be shared


The consent form that will be shared with you, will help you understand policies and details such as fees (amount and mode of payment) and session duration. 

Welcome to your unashamed conversation!

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